About Me

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!

Epikaur is a place to journal my kitchen adventures and some of my travel stories. All my recipes are vegetarian and focused on wholesome natural ingredients. I enjoy cooking and eating dishes that let the natural taste of the main ingredients shine and are not overpowered by excessive spices and additional flavours.

My cooking style is intuitive and my kitchen is where I feel most relaxed – finely chopping an onion is therapeutic for me! I don’t enjoy cups and measures and over the years have developed my own sense of understanding of flavour levels that work for us at home. The measures you see on the blog are based on what everyone enjoys at my home, feel free to switch them up (or down) as they suit your palate.

My Background:
I currently live in sunny Singapore with my husband Dushyant. I was born and raised in Bangalore in a Sikh family and spent most part of my life there until I married a Jain Gujarati who grew up in Salem, Tamil Nadu. These cities and cultures have had a huge influence on my cooking and eating habits. On one day, I am craving an Aloo Paratha and on another gorging a plate full of steamed white rice with sambar and poriyal. Over the years, travels and umpteen restaurant meals have made me fall in love with different cuisines with Asian food being a unanimous favourite at home in the last few years.

Eating out and travel journal:
I enjoy eating out as much as I like cooking a great meal at home. Our travels are mostly centred around food so much so that sometimes restaurant bookings are the first thing we do once we have decided on our next travel destination. Joy comes in all forms for me – whether it’s a plate of steaming Idlis from a Darshini in Bangalore or a multi-course meal spanning over 3 hours in a fine dining establishment. Travel for me is less about seeing the must-see spots in a new city and more about walking the streets, exploring the markets and sometimes grocery stores in new places! Here, I journal some of my notable meals and travel experiences.

I hope you enjoy reading the blog and find it useful!

– Amandeep Kaur